This may always be my favourite of my Nobilia (Odina) kitchens. It looks great, and matt-lacquered doors and matt-glass splashbacks were novel at the time; but, underneath all that, I got to play some games. There’s a grid, only apparent at the right angle, a bit like a Rubik’s cube coming together. Separately, the whole cooking area floats on a single upright panel, the only vertical element touching the floor. Perhaps it’s only me.

I like the Falmec extractor, the electric climber units, and the dishwasher tower.

The render above isn’t the original. The kitchen’s Odina (Nobilia), designed and rendered originally in 2020 v10. The render’s proportions were wrong for the slideshow on this website, so I re-built (with some very-minor tweaks) and re-rendered in ArtiCAD. Here’s the original:

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